Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Anti Lag Anti Idle tips

So that you never get thrown out of SL for being idle do this:-

press ctrl/alt/d to get your client menu up
mac users press command/control/d
client > character > character tests
and uncheck go away/AFK when idle

The best way to reduce lag is to lower your draw distance by doing the following:-
edit > preferences > graphics > draw distance
The whole of the Shapes of Things Mall and Shimmer Night Club can be seen on 128 meters

Reduce your bandwidth to 500 or less go to: edit > preferences > network > maximum bandwidth (this affects everyone, if you walk past someone and lag out they probably have their bandwidth too high)

Take off your attachements such as hug/kiss/pouce and only attach them when you want to use them, anything that is commanded on the 0 channel creates lag as it is constantly listening for commands, that's the channel you are using when you type just / (/color red for instance)

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