Saturday, December 8, 2007

Secondlife Orientation island and Help Island FAQ's

Help Island Public is where many residents go for general questions. If you can help them with the question they have, please do! If it is a real stumper, feel free to ask them to check for their Support options at in the Support area. Finally, if Help Island Public (HIP) is handling any kind of griefing and a Linden is not present, please abuse report the abusers as a group to help us develop a case file for investigation.

Help Island Public FAQs:

What's the point of SL / what am I supposed to do?
Personalizing this answer is fine! Remember in Second Life there are loads of events to attend, residents to meet, groups to join, places to explore! If a resident hasn't found something of interest, encourage them to make something interesting happen!

Where do I get money / How do I get a job?
The Knowledge Base has some key tips on types of jobs when the term 'jobs' is put in the search field at the support portal/solution finder at's Support area. Encourage the use of the classifieds, which have a section for employment. Feel free to offer suggestions depending on what the resident wishes to supply the community!

How do I stop dancing/(animation)?
If Tools > Stop Animations from the top menu does not work, please click on the Stop Animations objects located around Help Island Public center stage.

Orientation Island Public FAQs:

Why is this Island different than the first one I was on?
Orientation Island Public is a walkthrough tutorial that does not require a guide.

What do I do here?
Exit the corral area and follow the path marked by arrows on the ground. The path leads you through the stations.

What do I do at the stations?
Click on the green rotating hand near the station for a notecard of information. Click the signs at the stations.

How can I leave this island? Can I come back?
Go to the end of the path, there is a white pavillion. Inside the pavillion are 2 signs. One takes you to the Mainland, the other to Help Island. Click a sign and use the teleport option.
If you want to come back to Orientation Island Public: (Inventory> Library> Landmark Folder> Orientation Island Public > double click on it to open > choose teleport)